Machu Picchu


Peruvian cuisine stems mainly from the combination of Spanish and Indigenous cuisines with traditional native Peruvian ingredients, and with later influences from the cuisines of China, Italy, West Africa and Japan, due to the arrival of immigrants from those locations.


My background in the culinary world started in 1999, when I was enjoying food with my Peruvian friends and decided to learn all the secrets of this culinary best kept secret. I wanted to learn the recipes and the history of this very unique cuisine.

I was captivated by the mix of this millenary culture and the Asian influence reflected in its food; I learned that Peruvian people are very proud of their culinary background and it was one big challenge to try to infiltrate myself in its very close elite of chefs. I wanted to share this food with my friends and family, and in no time I started selling food to strangers… that’s when I became “The Happy Inka”.

I enjoy cooking, and I was fascinated with food since a very young age; I admit that I do not follow the rules and like to experiment with ingredients keeping the basic spices that make this food so unique but adding my own personal touch to it to make it different.

I invite you to explore the taste of Peruvian cuisine, allowing me to be your guide in this exotic adventure. The refined taste will take you to the remote places of Matchu Pitchu and the Andes Mountains, allowing you to experience a multiethnic Latin American cuisine. It is with this in mind that The Happy Inka came to be, and with my passion for culinary arts tbat we guarantee to do our best to ensure you and your guests enjoy one of the most unique and delicious cuisines.

The Happy Inka

Chaufa de Camaron
Saltado de Pollo


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